Right-wing value signaling

This is hard to quantify, but conservatives in the United States have long vilified Kanye West. To them, he was the archetype limousine liberal, black rapper. Whenever they needed an example of the decline of western civilization, they would use him. I would postulate, admittedly without evidence, that Kanye West was perhaps one of three or so rappers that older, white conservatives know off the top of their head.

This all changed when Kanye praised Trump in a some tweets.

Look, Kanye West isn’t a dummy. There’s an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the awards his music has won. But, he’s always had a tremendous ego, a short temper, and a penchant for speaking off the cuff. He’s always been my go-to example of “I like his art, but I am not fond of him as a person.”

It’s not particularly surprising that conservatives have embraced Kanye. Politics is tribal, after all. I’m just a bit surprised at the speed by which conservatives have shifted on Mr. West.