I’ve had no problems with my new MacBook Pro

Apple has been getting a lot of heat for the redesigned MacBook Pro. People have had issues with the butterfly keyboard, critics have labeled the Touch Bar as gimmicky, and power users have bemoaned the lack of drives that aren’t USB-C. Here’s an alternative take: I bought a MacBook Pro 15″ with Touch Bar in January 2017 and I love it.

I bought my first Apple computer in May 2011. It was a MacBook Pro 15″ and it almost made it to its fifth birthday, before it died in April 2016. It was way, way, waaaaay out of warranty and the repairs would cost between ₩750,000 – ₩950,000 ($700 USD – $885 USD), which I deemed too expensive for a half-decade-old computer.

So, I decided to wait until the release of the upcoming MacBook Pro. Between my 2014 iPad Air 2, my 2015 iPhone 6S Plus, computers at work, and the superfluous number of PC Bang (피씨방)–Korean internet cafés–I somehow survived for over 9 months. It was frustrating at times, but not as bad as I had thought it would be.

While I am a fan of Apple products, I admit that they are not perfect. I’ve criticized Apple’s approach to HomeKit hubs, called out the absurd pricing of HomePod, pointed out inconsistencies in macOS, brought up the labor conditions in Apple-product producing factors, and complained about slow iCloud speeds. They do not get a free pass from me.

But, that being said, I have had no problems with my 2016 MacBook Pro 15″. I would recommend it!

People whose butterfly keyboards do not function properly deserve justice, but mine has worked flawlessly. The Touch Bar could certainly be more useful, but I have integrated it into my workflow. In fact, when using my girlfriend’s MacBook Pro 13″ without a Touch Bar, I realize how accustomed it has become to me. Perhaps Apple should have been more shrewd about creating a “pro” laptop with minimal ports, but this has been less of an issue than I initially feared.

I’m not going to wade into the Apple vs. PC or macOS vs. Windows debates, nor am I going to tell people what laptops they need to purchase. Since I’ve transitioned to Apple products, I’ve been much more satisfied than I used to be, but my needs are not the same as everyone else’s. Regardless, I wanted to provide an alternate take on the new MacBook Pro to counter the bad press it has been receiving.