Is that the best you’ve got?

When I speak to conservatives they frequently purposefully use incorrect pronouns to describe transgender people. This, in and of itself, is ignorant and wrong, but they act as if doing so is some revolutionary or edgy or clever way to speak out against transgender people. It’s not! In fact, it’s perhaps the laziest, least creative way to slur a group of people.

A good degree of conservatism revolves solely around “TRIGGERING THE LIBS.” And while this terminology is new, the principle has been around for decades: if conservatives do things simply to provoke liberals, it whips the right-wing base into a frenzy of support without actually doing anything meaningful.

In the 1980s Ronald Reagan dismantled the White House’s solar panels, despite them being fully operational. Since the 1990s, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have made careers out of this stuff. People like Jonah Goldberg in the 2000s promoted a litany of nonsense books and articles with the dumb premise of, “Yeah, but liberals are the REAL [racists, warmongers, authoritarians, liars, misogynists, homophobes, etc].”

It’s nothing new. But it’s still just as dumb.