Quelle surprise!

Yesterday, I wrote about how smug conservatives think they’re clever by intentionally misgendering people who are transgender. What an innovative comedic conceit! I’ve also noticed these same “clever” people telling another equally ignorant, equally lazy joke: there are too many labels for LGBTQ people.

Let me give an example. Smug person who thinks he’s clever, Bill Maher, once quipped:

Facebook, did you see this, announced they are now offering on your profile page, 50 different gender options? 50? I mean, I think of myself as kind of a liberal guy, you know? I get straight, gay, bi, transgender… I’m out. 50?

Okay, so some of them, they list. Intersex? Bigender? Gender-fluid, I thought that’s what Bill Clinton got on Monica’s dress. Bi-fluid, what is that?

But you know what, hey. Whatever blows your dress up. And that’s a category.

That’s just one example from one noted disgusting man, but this sort of “joke” is pretty common.

People should identify with the label that suits them best. We don’t live in a right-or-wrong, black-or-white, yes-or-no world that lacks nuance. Like people other complex concepts, LGBTQ people often use complex terminology to help describe their sexual or gender identity. Learning to discuss nuanced, complex topics is a skill that more people should try to develop.

It’s okay to not understand things; everyone has space to grow. There’s a treasure-trove of information that’s a simple Google search away. Or you can (politely) ask the person if they would feel comfortable explaining what a term means. It’s fairly straight-forward!

Making these sort of comments are not only rude, but also an indication of being ignorant and proud of it. Keeping an open mind, doing some scientific research, and hearing people’s personal stories is not that difficult for people with an internet connection.