Get a baseball bat

This is not a new thought of mine, but if you’re concerned with random home invaders, get a baseball bat. Most burglars break in during the day and knock first. They want to steal your stuff, not get into a fight! Truly arbitrary home invasions almost never actually happen. And despite what you might learn from Liam Neeson films or the nightly news, kidnappings by strangers are also super rare.

Jim Jeffries made the point that gun enthusiasts aren’t staging home security conferences. It’s a salient point: video doorbells have actually been shown to decrease the crime rate; guns have not. With systems such as Apple HomeKit, it’s relatively easy to set up security cameras, video  door bells, security systems, motion sensors, and a whole host of other security measures. Why aren’t these “self-defense” enthusiasts arming themselves to the teeth with these measures?