Superhero movies don’t bother me

Superhero movies have been around for decades, but since the success of the Dark Knight trilogy (and, to a lesser degree, Tobey Maguire as Spiderman), we’ve been bombarded with films centered around superheroes. The main criticism of these films is that “they’re all the same.” Fair enough – but that’s true of many genres!

In rom-coms, the main two love interests will end up together. With “buddy cop” films, the two police partners will overcome their differences to solve the crime. In horror films, at least one of the characters will outlast everyone else. Just because these plots may use similar devices doesn’t mean that the films themselves are not worth watching.

Before I receive a million and a half comments from people pointing out films that intentionally deviated from these cliché methods, let me just say #notallfilms – but probably most. Nor am I saying that people have to like every movie that I like! But this “they’re all the same” argument doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.