North Korean summit reading list

There was big news yesterday with Donald Trump cancelling the planned summit in Singapore between the United States and North Korea. Rather than restate what has been said by smarter, more eloquent writers, I’ve compiled a bit of a reading list for people interested in the issue.

  • “Thoughts on Moon’s meeting with Trump tomorrow” by Robert E. Kelly on Twitter
  • “Trump’s Handling Of North Korea Has Been One Of The Few Things Americans Liked About His Presidency” by Perry Bacon Jr. at FiveThirtyEight
  • “Why did anyone ever take Trump’s North Korea diplomacy seriously?” by Matthew  Yglesias at Vox
  • “The Word That Derailed the Trump-Kim Summit” by Uri Friedman at The Atlantic
  • “We All Are, My Friend, We All Are” by Atrios at Eschaton
  • “Credit Moon, Not Trump or Kim, for the Breakthrough With North Korea” by J. Alex Tarquinio at Politico
  • “Trump just canceled the North Korea summit. 9 experts explain what happens now.” by Sean Illing at Vox
  • “What To Make Of President Trump’s Letter to Kim Jong-un” by John Marshall at Talking Points Memo
  • “Response to my critics” by Robert E. Kelly on Twitter
  • “The Inter-Korean Summit” by The Korean at Ask A Korean

Two quick notes: first, some of this articles came out before the cancellation, but are still relevant to understanding the issue. Second, there are certainly posts that I either missed or neglected to list. I hope this helped!