Book Corner: “A Brief History of Time”

Title: A Brief History of Time
Author(s): Stephen Hawking
Pages: 240
Year: 1988
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When Stephen Hawking died in early 2018, it was a truly tragic event. He not only was an brazen intellectual, but also was a symbol of resilience against the terminal disease ALS. A little after the fact, a friend in my book club recommended that we actually read his book. Not being too into science in school, I had my doubts; however after completing the book, I’m glad that I finished it.

Wikipedia notes that, “Hawking wrote the book for nonspecialist readers with no prior knowledge of scientific theories.” Even so, it’s not exactly an easy read. He tries his best to break down complex scientific concepts into the most simplistic terms, but I still found myself having to reread passages several times.

To be quite frank, I did not enjoy reading this book, but now that I’m finished with it, I’m happy that I read it. I am not sure how much of the intricate details I will remember in a year, but it is impossible to read the book and not be in awe of what scientists are working every day to accomplish.

Be warned that this is not an easy read per se, but I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about a scientific perspective about the world around us.