Isolated incidents

The right-wing is very effective at disguising isolated incidents as broader trends. A Muslim or an undocumented immigrant does something bad? A “good guy with a gun” stops a “bad guy with a gun”? A right-wing student is treated unfairly by a college professor? There’s no evidence that these occur with any sort of real regularity, but you would never know it if you consume conservative media.

The United States has over 325,000,000 million people, and the world is home to over 7,500,000,000 people. Therefore cherrypicking news stories and data can make any bigotry seem normal and commonplace.

If I had an interest in doing so, I’m sure that I could find enough news stories of left-handed rapists or blue-eyed murderers to make similar cases against people who are left-handed or have blue eyes. This is why aggragate data is necessary.