Dennis Rodman is why I don’t watch cable TV

At some point I’ll expound on this in greater length, but cable TV is bad and you should not watch it. There might be a few bright spots (such as Chris Hayes), but it’s mostly a waste of time. You’re better off listening to the news or reading it.

Most cable news segments go something like this: the host of the show explains the current topic for perhaps 30 to 45 seconds. Then they invite two guests to debate (read: argue) about the topic. Little to no fact checking occurs, and the host usually sums it up by saying something that eludes to the fact that Both Sides Are Equal.

That’s of course nonsense. The subject matter could be whether the sky is blue, but they’d still have on someone to say it’s purple with pink polka dots. It’s not “liberal bias” to say that that’s objectively false, but out of fear of offending non-Fox News watching conservatives (all two of them?), journalists steer clear of anything that could be misconstrued as such.