But of course!


People with pre-existing medical conditions could lose their individual health insurance coverage if a judge rules in favor of the 20 states currently suing the federal government over the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.

And they’ve been given a helping hand by the Trump administration: That’s because the Justice Department has declined to defend the law and the pre-existing conditions provision in court, an “unusual” move that could affect millions of people.

It may seem odd to try to square this move by the Trump administration with Trump’s prior endorsement of single payer. However, when Trump discussed universal healthcare back in the day, it was always in the context of, “The USA is being beaten at something by other counties!” Trump doesn’t care about policy – he cares about a narrow perception of winning.

But this time, “winning” involves defeating everything Obama stood for. Trump is no policy wonk – he’s just a man with an inflated ego.