Consistently falling short

Trump didn’t get elected just to be racist-in-chief. Don’t forget that his administration is virulently misogynistic too:

On Monday, Sessions reversed an immigration court’s ruling that granted asylum to a woman from El Salvador whose husband had repeatedly abused her physically, sexually, and emotionally. The court ruled in 2014 that domestic violence victims constitute a social group when it comes to asylum considerations. But in a 31-page ruling with profound implications for immigration policy, Sessions wrote that “generally” claims on domestic and gang violence will no longer qualify for asylum and will not even reach the initial “credible fear” standard to allow an immigrant to have her asylum claim heard by a judge. Victims of domestic and gang violence, in other words, won’t even be able to have their claims for asylum heard.

The effect of Sessions’s ruling could be sweeping and immediate. Immigration attorneys have said this decision could invalidate tens of thousands of pending asylum claims from women fleeing domestic and gang violence, which often intersect, in Central America and Mexico.

Right-wingers love to pretend to hold socially progressive values when it comes to bashing immigrants from majority-Muslim states. They feign commitment to women’s rights in particular to make their bigoted arguments. But when it comes to actually doing something to protect women in vulnerable situations, they consistently fall short.