Don’t let her get away with this

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was politely asked to leave a restaurant called the Red Hen, prompting much controversy. The same thing happened to Joe Biden in 2012, but 2018 is a roller coaster of a year, isn’t it?

And if you’re the Red Hen, a local restaurant in Old Saybrook, Connecticut with zero affiliation to the restaurant in Virginia that Sarah Huckabee Sanders wanted to eat at, you’ve also had a bad week thanks to some nasty right-wingers:

Soon, the Facebook pages and Instagram accounts of the Old Saybrook Red Hen were flooded with vitriol. Deproto took them down. The restaurant’s online reservation system was flooded with fake bookings for large parties. A “Nancy Reagan” and a “Sarah Sanders” took out reservations. Callers placed large, expensive takeout orders for 100 people that Deproto was not naive enough to fill. […] She has not ruled out a name change.

Other unaffiliated restaurants around the country named Red Hen were also targeted.

I’m sure you could find some equivalent case where liberals have wrongly criticized an establishment with a similar name, but this one hits close to home. To be precise, 4.1 kilometers!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ tweet might not only have broken the law, but it was also just plain stupid. For someone with such power to call out a law-abiding small business would obviously bring about negative consequences. But, with a boss like Twitter-happy Trump, she’ll probably land on her feet.