America’s worst family

With Monday being a day that ends with the letter Y, the New York Times ran a dumb op-ed. It’s getting crap for being misogynistic and racist, but I wanted to touch on something else in the piece:

In contrast, almost all of the people I know in my hometown in Nebraska proudly supported him. They glossed over his infidelities and stressed that he seemed to be a good father. They were impressed by his “respectful” sons and admired the success of his daughters.

Emphasis mine.

Trump has three sons: Donald Jr.,  Eric, and Barron. I’m going to focus on Donald Jr. and Eric because Barron is not even a teenager yet, so I can’t really blame him for much. It’s not really his choice to stay with his repulsive relatives at this point in his life.

Eric Trump has…

  • Run a charity that lied about giving its profits to children with cancer.
  • Used a racist slur against Sen. Elizabeth Warren
  • Bolstered his father’s implication that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand wanted to trade sex for campaign contributions
  • Compared Rep. Maxine Waters to a stripper

Donald Jr. has…

It’s not your choice whose family you’re born into. But all of the sleazy stuff that the two elder Trump sons have done? That’s totally on them.