When is a good time?

Every year around this time, right-wing blogs have a hard time keeping the perpetual aggrievement syndrome going because the Fourth of July holiday contains everything they should love. So, they keep the outrage chugging along by searching out left-wing critiques of U.S. history, claiming that their criticisms are offensive due to the proximity with Independence Day.

Part of the trouble is that, according to conservatives, there is never really a proper time for discussing the darker parts of United States’ history. Narratives that stray too far from the mantra of “USA NUMBER ONE” are lambasted as being anti-American, banned from public schools, and villainized on right-wing media.

The value of history cannot be understated. Recently, VP Mike Pence had the audacity to tweet this garbage:

To all the nations of the region, let me say with great respect, that just as the United States respects your borders and your sovereignty, we insist that you respect ours.

The United States military has intervened 56 times in Latin America alone. What world is Pence living in? Of course, that’s an easy question to answer: he’s living in a world free of critical views of the United States. And that’s the problem.