Snowflake or patriot?

If you think we should consider restricting or limiting fireworks due to its triggering affect on veterans with PTSD, are you a liberal snowflake or a solider-supporting patriot? I’ve seen this proposal floating around on social media much more this year than I have in the past. It is predicated on an interesting dynamic.

In the United States, linking any discussion back to “supporting the troops” is an instant trump card. It’s almost comical if it weren’t using soldiers as political pawns. I’ve written about this dynamic before:

Progressive policies only stand to benefit from this smarter approach. If Republicans oppose increasing the minimum wage, Democrats should ask them why they think veterans’ wages shouldn’t be increased. If Democrats propose a single payer healthcare system, perhaps they should brand it “VeteranCare.” What senator could vote against that? I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek–and Democrats certainly should not make intellectually indefensible arguments–but the Democrats should use their positions of power to advocate on behalf of all citizens–veteran or not.

I can’t say for certain whether policy regarding fireworks should be tightened; I have not done sufficient research to make such a claim. However, I can be damn sure that a fun-sucking, nanny-state proposal like this would otherwise be endlessly mocked if veterans weren’t the target audience. We need to stop treating veterans as political pawns, and start recognizing everyone’s inherent human rights.