Jokes on you

Donald Trump tells a lot of “jokes.” I’m not misquoting him or trying to make him sound silly – that’s how he and his supporters characterize them. The most recent “joke” involved Trump, a man with 19 or so women accusing him of varying acts of sexual assault, mocking the #metoo movement. (The comment in question was also fairly racist, and had to do with a fake narrative surrounding Elizabeth Warren.) “It was just a joke,” his supporters contend, “stop being so sensitive!”

For the sake of argument, let’s buy into the premise that this was just a joke, and not an offensive political statement. Assuming that’s the case, Trump and his supporters surely must notice that huge portions of the U.S. population aren’t picking up that Trump is joking when he makes offensive comments. Therefore, as Trump is the president and not a comedian, shouldn’t he knock off the “jokes” for the sake of clearly communicating with his constituents?

Even by their own logic, it makes no sense. Trump’s comments are red meat for his base, and they know they can get away with it by claiming that they are just “jokes.” They get their kicks from “owning the libs,” and the (justified) outrage is just the cherry on top.