The Stork and the SCOTUS

There’s a little lie we tell ourselves that the Supreme Court is not political. Short of a few exceptions, the justices picked by Democrats lean left and the justices picked by Republicans lean right — but that must be a total coincidence, right? Everyone knows that  the court is an apolitical space!

Ugh. Give me a break. I’m not going to support a judicial candidate who wants to quash human rights, give power to corporations, and destroy the environment. Period. I know a lot of people on the left won’t either. But many will feel the need to nominally oppose Kavanaugh on other grounds to appear apolitical. I get why some politicians might feel pressure to do so, but other than that – why maintain this charade?

Pretending the SCOTUS is apolitical is political theater at its most obscene. These are lifetime appointments that can carry grave implications for the entire country. Let’s have real discussions after the politics of judicial candidates and stop trying to hide behind a veneer of being objective.