You won’t like me when I’m angry

I wanted to do up a follow-up from my post yesterday:

Pretending the SCOTUS is apolitical is political theater at its most obscene. These are lifetime appointments that can carry grave implications for the entire country. Let’s have real discussions after the politics of judicial candidates and stop trying to hide behind a veneer of being objective.

To be clear: accepting this premise does not mean that all standards should be thrown out the window.

Judges should still hear each case in the most objective way possible. Judges should  recluse themselves from cases when there are conflicts of interest. Judges should have experience. Judges should use precedent as a guiding light to interpret the law.

All I was really saying yesterday is that we should not pretend SCOTUS is apolitical. It’s not! It’s quite political! But being political doesn’t mean that there aren’t some reasonable expectations for the position.