This is a boring post

I don’t buy the idea that condemning Trump’s behavior in Finland is somehow tantamount to encouraging war with Russia. I think that’s a silly line of thought promoted mainly by people on the left who are still salty about the 2016 election. By that, of course, I am referring to the 2016 primary election, as many of these sort of “leftists” actually thought (and still think!) Trump being president will ultimately be good for causes the left cares about. In my mind, there’s something disturbing about their cavalier attitude toward the atrocities of the Trump administration as a necessary sacrifice for their personal politics.

On the other hand, many centrist Democrats seem to be putting all of their Fabergé eggs in the ‘Trump is a traitor to Russia’ basket, likely to justify Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing loss. It’s hard to deny that there was something odd, likely illegal, going on between the Trump campaign and Russian agents. However while the Muller investigation has uncovered a number of illegal acts, there’s no *definitive* evidence (yet?) that would prove that Donald Trump actually knowingly broke the law. And even if such evidence comes out, even if Trump is impeached, and even if Trump is removed from office, we’re still stuck with Mike Pence. Yikes.

I’ve called out “both sides”-ism on this blog before, but I think some on the left could use a bit of nuance in their arguments. I support diplomacy between world powers, but I still think Trump acted inappropriately. I also think Russian interference is a major problem that needs to be investigated, but I don’t think it’s the solution many on the left seem to think it will be. I admit that this attention to detail may seem a little dull, but I think progressives need to remain grounded in their criticisms.