The worst op-ed of 2018

In a world of Nathan Fielders and Sacha Baren Cohens, I can’t really be sure that I’m not just being pranked. I want to be clear that the following sentences are–from what I can tell–written by someone genuinely trying to make this argument:

Amazon should open their own bookstores in all local communities. They can replace local libraries and save taxpayers lots of money, while enhancing the value of their stock.

The author suggests that private entities such as Amazon Prime (which recently raised prices), Netflix (which also raised prices, and Starbucks (which is among the more expensive nationwide franchises) can provide the same services to people. Yikes.

He’s not wrong: his “plan” would surely help Amazon’s stock price. But, why should the government care about helping a private company do well in the stock market? That’s hardly a priority.

Of course cutting any government spending could allow for lower taxes. If you cut the public works budget, we could have lower taxes as well! Who cares about a few potholes here and there? Surely privately-run mechanic shops could benefit from this!

Awful article. I really don’t know what else I need to say about it.