Our scary future


At least one driver working for Uber and Lyft has been livestreaming passengers without their consent, according to a recent story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Viewers on Twitch have been rating the female passengers, speculating about incomes, and chatting about the marriages and personal lives of unsuspecting users of the ridesharing services.

There were already at least two other known cases of drivers turning their passengers into the subjects of livestreams, per the Post-Dispatch, sometimes with consent and sometimes without, including some in California and one in Wisconsin.

I was on Amazon recently and there was a sale on a hidden camera. It was something like $25 for an object that resembled a cell phone USB charger – and could actually charge devices as well. To put that into perspective, an official Apple charger can be purchased for $20 or $30 depending on the wattage.

I’m not saying that these hidden cameras should necessarily be banned in the United States, but perhaps we should start having conversations about how they can be regulated and controlled.