Hey Siri, play the world’s smallest violin

I’ve probably written about this before, but the modus operandi for right-wing media has always to convince conservatives that, in fact, they are an oppressed class. Trump capitalized on this trope during his campaign, consistently bragging that he’s fighting on behalf of the “forgotten man.” While the term itself is vague enough that he can claim that he’s referring to all people ignored by politicians, understanding the subtext is key: he’s really implying that white, heterosexual, Christian conservatives are being neglected in an increasingly diverse country.

This isn’t a new trope! This has always been the rallying cry of right-wing media. Fox News’ original slogan was basically Roger Ailes’ way of trolling the world: “Fair and Balanced.” Because conservatives believe that institutions in society are so overwhelming against their way of life (ha!), any degree of conservative pushback is justified in reclaiming their way of life.

Sure, Trump might be a racially-biased rapist whose trade war will end up making their lives harder, but he also OWNS THE LIBS with his sassy Twitter game!