The Republican Party is homophobic

One of Trump’s allies thinks that gay people should be thrown in prison. That’s disturbing, but perhaps not surprising: Trump has said that women should be punished for obtaining abortions. LGBTQ rights over the past 10 or so years have really come a long way in a short period of time, and it’s interesting to hear how conservatives are grappling with losing this political battle. 

The way right-wingers speak about the issue is to erase history. The standard Republican line is that the issue was always about whether gay people should have the legal ability to get married. Period. 

That’s not really the case – in the 2003 Supreme Court case Lawrence v. Texas, a Texas law criminalizing anal and oral sex between consenting men was struck down. You read that right – in 2003. Only 15 years ago it was straight up illegal to be gay in some parts of the United States. 

And conservatives opposed the Lawrence decision, praising Antonin Scalia for his unhinged opposition to it.

Conservatives have always been awful on LGBTQ issues. I’m sure someone will complain and say “#notallconservatives,” but short of a few token politicians, most still oppose transgender civil rights and anti-discrimination legislation.

That’s great that a handful are supportive of a Supreme Court decision they had nothing to do with, but until they show some real commitment to the rights and needs of an intersectional LGBTQ community, I’m not too impressed.