America’s Worst Ideas

Who comes up with this stuff?

Earlier this year at its F8 conference, Facebook showed off its new ‘Dating’ service that it will use to compete with Tinder and Match. Now, TechCrunch is offering up some more details on the service, which will actually be baked into the main Facebook app rather than a standalone app.

TechCrunch explains that once you opt-in to Facebook Dating, the only people who will be able to see your profile are those who have also enabled the feature. You’ll also be able to access exclusive Groups and Events if you opt-in to Facebook Dating.

There’s no possible way that this won’t lead to a tremendous influx of people–mostly women–being harassed in Facebook private messages. I know that Facebook hasn’t had much success with its standalone apps, but this doesn’t seem suited for the main Facebook app. And I know they claim there are safeguards, but there’s no way that this isn’t akin to opening the floodgates.