Hitler wasn’t a liberal

I’ve written before about how dumb it is to consider the Nazi Party in Germany to be left wing. I thought I covered it pretty well before, but a detailed Reddit comment caught my eye, and I thought it was worth sharing.

  1. NSDAP [Nazi Party] fought against the KDP (communist party of Germany) and SDP (social democratic party of Germany)
  2. NSDAP came to power with the help of conservative and right-wing forces and prior to the enabling act led the country in a coalition with said groups
  3. NSDAP was supported by german junkers (aristocrats) and german industrialist
  4. NSDAP was vehemntly anti-communist and saw the Soviet Union as its mortal enemy
  5. Following Hitlers rise to power he led a purge against left-leaning groups within NSDAP in 1934 (night of the long knives) which led to the extra-judicial executions of several high-ranking SA men who was considered to radical. This happened to some degree because Hitler was pressed by the conservative groups within the german army who was afraid of SA´s growing power
  6. NSDAP was anti-trade union and forced all trade unions to join together into the German Labour Front who worked together with leading industrialist to rearm Germany and stop socialist into influencing collective bargaining
  7. NSDAP sent countless of communist and social democrats to KZs. The first actual KZs was created directly after the Reichtag Fire degree which led to the creation of “wild” KZs where communist and other left-leaning groups where taken and tortured and murdered.
  8. Nazi Germany is considered by many historians to be a so called “Vampire” economy. Meaning that the only way the country could sustain itself was by invading other countries and stealing their wealth.
  9. In Mein Kampf, Hitler several times attacked socialism and the only reason that the NSDAP had socialist in their name was to attract working class germans to the party [
  10. …] The magazine The Economist invented the term ‘privatization’ to describe the economical policies of the Nazi party.

Generally speaking, people who claim that Hitler was a secret liberal are acting in bad faith. That doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t be armed with the facts.