I’ve pre-written a bunch of tech-related posts to be published over the next few weeks, but before then I wanted to just share some thoughts of mine about the current state of politics in the United States.

Trump is bad. He represents a unique threat to the United States that requires a unique response. He was not created in a vacuum, and conservative politicians in general paved the way for Trump’s election. Nevertheless, Trumpism is an ill  that must be defeated.

However, opponents of Trump need to get organized. Not everyone who dislikes Trump is necessarily an ally. George W. Bush is still a horrible person even if he thinks Trump is a blowhard! Resisting against Trump should not be a way for disgraced neo-conservatives to rehabilitate their careers.

It’s not just the right-wing, but centrist Democrats as well. Rather than reevaluating why Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, far too many genuinely believe that Russian interference was the deciding–or onlyfactor. And while I think election interference of any kind should be thoroughly investigated, too many Democrats use it as an excuse to not critique their own party.

Democrats seem perpetually locked in the same tired debates of the 2016 primary election. The debate basically centers around whether corporatist centrism or progressive reforms should be the cornerstone of the party. On one hand, it feels monotonous and distracting to have this same argument over and over and over again. Yet, it’s an issue that the party does need to address if it expects to win back the districts they’ve lost.

I don’t know how things are going to go in November. I’m feeling a bit pessimistic. I hope to be proved wrong.