Apple should kill the Dashboard

In 2005, Apple introduced a new feature to users: Dashboard. Press a single button on your keyboard and it pulls up your widgets! Apple not only gave a handful of default widgets by default, but users could also make and download third party ones. While it was a selling point at first, the functionality has since faded and it’s time for Apple to cut it off.

Since mid-2011, the Dashboard was reconfigured as a space. While it’s possible to change it back to its original function, it’s clear that Apple wanted to deemphasize the role of Dashboard in its operating systems. Since 2014, Dashboard was no longer enabled by default, although it’s still around. Few developers have continued to make widgets for the platform.

Some of this may have to do with macOS adopting the Notification Center from iOS. For example, if a user wants to check the weather, they can now do so from Notification Center, arguably easier than with Dashboard. Further, users these days seem more inclined to use Siri or Google in their browser.

It’s time for Apple to kill this sad, shadow of a feature.