All of the apps

Part of what I like about using Apple products is that their separate devices work so well together. While I am glad that iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS are separate entities, I’ve long wondered why Apple does not make all of the apps usable across all of their operating systems.

I can understand why some apps are simply not portable from macOS to other platforms. Some are simply unneeded (DVD Player, Time Machine, Bootcamp Assistant, etc.) or would be a bit of a strain on resources (Final Cut Pro X). But, what about the majority of apps?

Why isn’t there a weather app on macOS or iOS for iPad? Why is there no calculator app on watchOS or tvOS? Why isn’t there an official Chess app available anywhere but macOS? Why isn’t there a Notes app for watchOS or tvOS?

Aside from being useful or fun, providing all of these apps across the board would provide a sense of cohesion across Apple devices.