I expect more from iCloud.com

If you have an iCloud account–which most people with an iPad, iPhone, or Apple computer do–then you also have access to iCloud.com, a suite of web apps available in your internet browser. It is a nifty little feature that can come in handy, but there’s a lot of potential being wasted.

Don’t get me wrong, the web apps available on iCloud.com can come in handy. At my last job, I used the Numbers, Pages, and iCloud Drive web apps every day to access files remotely. My father uses the Calendar web app when he’s using his Windows PC. These can be totally useful!

But, what if more features were available? What if third party web app could be downloaded using a web app version of the App Store? Imagine how useful a Messages web app could be, especially now that iMessages are stored in iCloud!

I understand that iCloud.com is not a huge priority for Apple, but I think they’re missing out on some serious potential here.