Apple Pay Cash is better than Venmo

I’ve been a bit down on Apple with the constructive criticism in my past few postings, but here’s something I can genuinely praise: Apple Pay Cash. And a recent assessment by Consumer Reports agrees:

Apple Pay was the only service that got top marks from CR for data privacy, because its policies state that it limits the information it collects and shares on users and their transactions. It doesn’t store credit card or debit card numbers, and it states in the terms and conditions that it doesn’t sell users’ personal information to third parties, CR found.

It’s going to be a while until I can uninstall the mess that is Venmo. And the Apple Pay rollout hasn’t been well-publicized. Many friends of mine with iPhones either don’t know about it or think that it’s somehow less secure than just using a credit card the old fashioned way. However, for those who do use Apple Pay Cash, it’s unquestionably a more secure, easier way than its competitors’.