Someone posted this on Facebook:

People pissed about the Nike campaign should donate their Nike gear to homeless veterans instead of burning it.

It’s not wrong, is it?

But while many are burning their Nike gear, others are posting that deceased former NFL player and solider Pat Tillman should have instead have been Nike’s pick. Two problems with that. First, Tillman’s family does not want his memory being used by anti-Kaepernick folks:

Trump already tried a year ago to drag Tillman into his attacks on NFL players like Kaepernick protesting police brutality. At the time, Tillman’s widow, Marie, issued a statement to CNN, asking, in extremely nonconfrontational language, that Trump knock it off.

Second, let’s take a look at Tillman’s Wikipedia page:

Tillman was an atheist. According to speakers at his funeral, he was very well-read, having read a number of religious texts including the Bible, Quran and the Book of Mormon as well as transcendentalist authors such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. However, responding to religious overtones at the funeral by Maria Shriver and John McCain, his youngest brother, Richard, asserted that “Just make no mistake, he’d want me to say this: He’s not with God, he’s fucking dead, he’s not religious.” Richard added, “Thanks for your thoughts, but he’s fuckin’ dead.” […]

The September 25, 2005, edition of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper reported that Tillman held views which were critical of the Iraq War. According to Tillman’s mother, a friend of Tillman had arranged a meeting for Tillman with author Noam Chomsky, a prominent critic of the U.S. and American foreign and military policy, to take place after his return from Afghanistan.

Conservatives really believe that a well-read, anti-war atheist who wanted to meet with Noam Chompsky is their poster child for their anti-Kaepernick trolling?