Debunking myths about Christine Blasey Ford

I don’t usually line-for-line debunk misleading posts on social media. It’s not the purpose for this blog, and would take far too much time and energy. But, I saw an incredibly inaccurate post slamming Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape. More below.

Who is Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford

She is a professor with a 2.4 rating. Students that like her wrote don’t get on her bad side, is very dark, he will go after you if she gets upset.

This stems from a claim made by a small conservative news site that was amplified by the Drudge Report. The score is real, but they refer to a different Christine Ford.

Her parents had a foreclosure case ruled against them by Brett’s mother who was the judge in the case in 96. Maryland-case number 156006V.

This has already been debunked by Snopes.

Liberal activist. Was in the march, pink hat and all, protesting Mr. Trump.

NPR confirmed that Christine Blasey Ford attended the March for Science in San Francisco, and thus it seems unlikely she is a Trump supporter. (I couldn’t find any evidence she wore a pink hat, though.) I don’t want to get too nit-picky here, but does going to a single rally make someone an “activist”?

On FB she wrote in 16 “Scalia types must be banned from law”

I can’t find any evidence whatsoever that she actually wrote this. Not even a single screenshot! I’ll update if I find any more information, but this quotation seems to be totally fabricated.

On the allegation. She can’t remember the house, location, how she got there, who had the party and a couple of years ago she couldn’t remember the names during counseling

Wrong. But don’t take my word for it, take Linda Fairstein’s, the former chief of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s Sex Crimes Bureau. She told the Washington Post: “I would expect her to say ‘I don’t remember’ scores of times. She found this experience so upsetting that she felt her life was in danger. There might be 220 things she doesn’t know and then a very specific sentence about what happened that was so traumatic.”

Told her bestfriend that she was a alcoholic back then and regretted the number of partners she had.

I cannot find any evidence that Christine Blasey Ford regrets that number of sexual partners she had, nor could I find a source where she admits to having struggled with alcoholism. Mark Judge, a classmate of Kavanaugh’s, wrote a book about his own struggles with alcoholism where he references Kavanaugh; perhaps this is where the misunderstanding originated from.

So, we have family revenge, a dark side that is retaliatory, contempt for conservatives, almost a complete lack of facts about the incident.

I smell a book deal

I smell a dishonest social media post.

I tried to stick solely to the facts in my analysis above, but these sort of postings are disgusting. Rape can happen to anyone, regardless of whether they drink alcohol, support conservative politics, or have had sex before. Even supporters of Kavanaugh’s politics should have the decency to  support an investigation into these incredibly serious allegations.