More thoughts on Kavanaugh

Most people consider rape and murder to be the most serious violent crimes that one individual can commit. As a result, attempting rape or attempting murder are also very serious offenses. When someone is seriously accused of attempting or executing either of these crimes, it’s a big deal. 

If you believe strongly in innocent until proven guilty, that’s fine. But a key component of that is investigating to determine if a crime has been committed. At this point, even Donald Trump (!!!)  has said that an investigation (although conducted not by the FBI) would be appropriate.

The excuses against doing so have been, at best, lame. At worst, they’ve contributed to a culture of rape-enabling:

“He was only 17 at the time!”

“He was drunk!”

“It happened over three decades ago!”

“They were in high school!”

“Other students said Brett was a nice guy!”

They’re basically repackaged versions of “boys will be boys!” They should be anachronisms in 2018, not being parroted by supposedly respectable conservatives in the national press.