False rape accusations, explained

Reddit user LefthandedLunatic wrote up a long, detailed, and well-sourced post about false rape accusations. It’s excellent in its entirety, but here’s the “too long, didn’t read”:

  • For both genders you are way more likely to be raped then falsely accused of rape.
  • The estimated number of false rape accusations are around 2-10% at the highest.
  • For 216 False Rape Accusations only 39 named suspects, and only 2 got charged. That means that only 18% of False Rape Accusations actually accuse someone and that only 0.9% of false rape accusations ended up on court.

  • Vast majority of false rape accusations are made by Teenagers, Parents of Children, and the Homeless.
  • 55% of False Rape Accusations are in hopes of getting free medical treatment. Next major category is from teenagers justifying their absences to parents.
  • Serial accusations and people accusing others to get a promotion or to cover for a failed test almost never happens. The individuals who do tend to have a clear cut history of other forms of fraud in their history and are usually legitimate victims of sexual assault [such] as children.
  • Accusations on decades old sexual assaults, Sexual Promiscuity and Self Denial are not indicative of a false rape accuser.
  • Older studies on the issue tend to be unreliable due to the limited knowledge of rape and how victims act.
  • Police tend to accuse people of false accusations way more then there are false accusers due to use of pseudoscience equipment like the Polygraph or sexist beliefs like “sluttyness”
  • Its more likely that police will dismiss a real victim of sexual assault as false then accuse someone falsely of sexual assault.
  • The whole issue of False Rape Accusations have been hijacked by reactionaries as a vehicle to push for infringements of women rights. As the data shows the issue of false rape accusations are over hyped and the narrative spread on the internet just doesn’t hold up.

Honestly, the whole post is worth a read. It’s unbelievable how many people really believe in the prevalence of false rape accusations.