Who’s Fred supporting in 2020? Part 1 of many

On January 3, I whipped up this poorly-crafted chart of which candidate I am planning to support for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential primary. I only sent it to a handful of friends:

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On January 21, I updated it and clarified what everything actually meant:

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And on January 27, I decided to update it again and post it to this blog. No, McNulty Memo is not dead!

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There’s obviously a ton to say about this, but I wanted to start off by explaining how and what this is:

  • This is not any prediction of which candidate will actually win the 2020 Democratic primary. This is me ranking the candidates in terms of whom I will likely vote for in the 2020 Connecticut Democratic Primary.
  • Until I say so, I have not formally endorsed a candidate or even made up my mind. This is merely a snapshot of whom I feel the best about. It’s not over until it’s over!
  • My decision to add people to the “Irrelevant, or Unlikely but rumored” list is purely subjective. There’s no science to it.
  • I am open to folks telling me why I should or should not support any given candidate. As well-noted coward Steven Crowder once says: Change my mind!
  • I will attempt to update this with some regularity, but I will not be updating it on a certain schedule.
  • I do not really believe that people are hanging on the edge of their chairs to find out which candidate I will ultimately support in Connecticut’s oft-irrelevant primary. However, as I continue to do research about all of the candidates, I thought people might find my perspective of some interest. I am not telling anyone how to vote!
  • To emphasize again: this is merely a snapshot of my current level of support for each candidate, not a final decision. Do not assume that I will vote for whichever candidate is in first place at the moment!

There’s definitely more to say, but I want to leave it at this for now.