Sanders and Warren are awesome picks

Recently, I summarized my basic assumptions about the 2018 race. Today I want to discuss my top two candidates (of the moment): Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Anyone who knows my politics won’t be surprised that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren top the list. They’re not perfect (no candidate is!) but they’re both progressive fighters with strong track records who will be able to stand on a policy-based platform and effectively take on Trump in debates. Bernie edges out Warren due to his foreign policy, but either as the nominee would make me happy.

They’re not without their flaws. Bernie Sanders will likely be the oldest mainstream candidate, and I am not convinced that he will be able to win over bitter Clinton supports who erroneously blame him for Donald Trump’s election in 2016. I fear that Elizabeth Warren may never outgrow the silly controversy surrounding her heritege.

However, as I mentioned above, both candidates are fighters. They’re incredibly good at staying on message – which, for them, almost always revolves around policy. But they’re not just good at crafting policy, but also explaining it coherently and marketing it well.

To be clear, I will support and vote for any Democratic candidate to the left of Donald Trump who gets the nomination. But I must admit that I am not thrilled with the rest of the announced candidates.

The Democratic base–as well as the U.S. populace–do not seem to be interested in dull candidates who will prioritize protecting norms over passing policies that will materially benefit people. Yet, most of the other announced candidates seem unwilling to do so. They have a lot of work to do before rising in the ranks on my list!


This post was originally titled, “Who’s Fred supporting in 2020? Part 3“, but the series was discontinued, and the three posts that comprised it were retooled as stand-alone postings.