Vote blue in the general even if you don’t like the nominee

My last three political posts (here, here, and here) were originally supposed to be a part of a larger series where I rank all of the 2020 Democratic nominees for president and update the ranking over time. To be honest, I lost interest in doing so. I also realized that I’d rather sit on the sidelines and make hot lukewarm takes about the race, rather than having to justify why I put Kamala Harris in 6th place and not 5th place, etc.

Anyway, here’s what I came to WordPress today to expound on: it’s frustrating to me when I hear Democrats discussing the primary and they say things like, “I really don’t like [candidate] – I’d never vote for them.”

That’s not a very strategic attitude, is it? Even the most conservative Democrat running is leagues ahead of Donald Trump. Hell, even the most conservative Democrat is better than any Republican presidential candidate in my entire lifetime.

It’s dumb to say you’re not going to vote for a nominee in the general election if you don’t support them in the primary, and it’s even dumber to employ that sort of myopic voting strategy.

Realistically speaking, I know that most of the people who say that are full of it. But even so, it’s an unnecessary stance to take. We’re all Democrats and intra-party debate is essential. There’s no need to burn the house down because you can’t decide which color to paint it.