Enable the “erase” feature on iOS

Helpful tip:

For many years now, iOS has offered an option in the Passcode section of the Settings app: “Erase all data on this iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts.” […] I’ve long been intrigued by this setting, but never turned it on, out of the vague fear that something could happen and I’d wind up with a wiped iPhone. Say, if a “friend” surreptitiously took my phone at a bar and entered 10 wrong passcodes as a prank. Something like that. Continue reading

Has it?

I wrote this exactly two years ago from today:

1. Trump makes an offensive comment worded in a vague manner.
2. His supporters cheer, as they appreciate and sympathize with the offensive content.
3. Normal people are offended by the offensive content because they are normal people.
4. When asked, Trump points to the vagueness of the offensive comment as evidence that he did not say the offensive comment that he did in fact say.
5. Trump complains that he is being pegged as someone who makes offensive comments after he made an offensive comment and was criticized for making the offensive comment even though he said that he did not make the offensive comment that in fact he did say.
6. A few seconds/minutes/hours pass, Trump opens his mouth, and the cycle begins again.

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Both sides, part ∞

There’s a classic media training question that goes something like this: “Have you stopped beating your wife?” Answering either yes or no will make you look bad. The trick is to formulate an answer that both breaks down the premise of the question while also concise.

Solving this old media trick is similar to pushing back against people who spew “both sides are equally bad!!!” nonsense. Continue reading