The worst op-ed of 2018

In a world of Nathan Fielders and Sacha Baren Cohens, I can’t really be sure that I’m not just being pranked. I want to be clear that the following sentences are–from what I can tell–written by someone genuinely trying to make this argument:

Amazon should open their own bookstores in all local communities. They can replace local libraries and save taxpayers lots of money, while enhancing the value of their stock.

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iOS issue: Sending audio messages should be easier

In 2014, Apple debuted the ability to send audio messages in the Messages app in iOS 8, a function that many third-party messaging apps had already adopted. Relative to those apps, I have found the sound quality to be much higher when using iOS, watchOS, or macOS. Nevertheless, there are two areas that Apple should consider addressing: syncing across devices and the user interface. Continue reading

Warmed my heart

Sarah Palin being mad that Sacha Baren Cohen punked her isn’t really news. Sarah Palin had her 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight, and she milked it for every penny she could. She entered politics for one reason and for one reason only: to make money. For these sorts of grifters the conservative movement is more fertile ground than any left-wing cause. All it takes is saying some bad stuff, being dragged in the media for it, and then you’re able to whine and complain about “censorship” or “media bias” and rake in the speaking fees. Continue reading

This is a boring post

I don’t buy the idea that condemning Trump’s behavior in Finland is somehow tantamount to encouraging war with Russia. I think that’s a silly line of thought promoted mainly by people on the left who are still salty about the 2016 election. By that, of course, I am referring to the 2016 primary election, as many of these sort of “leftists” actually thought (and still think!) Trump being president will ultimately be good for causes the left cares about. In my mind, there’s something disturbing about their cavalier attitude toward the atrocities of the Trump administration as a necessary sacrifice for their personal politics. Continue reading