Get a baseball bat

This is not a new thought of mine, but if you’re concerned with random home invaders, get a baseball bat. Most burglars break in during the day and knock first. They want to steal your stuff, not get into a fight! Truly arbitrary home invasions almost never actually happen. And despite what you might learn from Liam Neeson films or the nightly news, kidnappings by strangers are also super rare. Continue reading

Kick ’em out!

I’m sympathetic to people who abhor the royal family in the United Kingdom. They’re a symbol of oppression and colonialism. They live in tax-payer funded opulence while the social safety net is being cut. They don’t even have real political power! Why should the people in the United Kingdom keep on funding them?

Well, there is one reason: because they make a ton of money for the country. Continue reading

The perks of using T-Mobile abroad

A couple of days ago, I covered how to survive using slow 2G internet speeds. When traveling abroad using (most) T-Mobile plans from the United States, you’re given unlimited data at 2G speeds. However, there are some other nice features that you can use as well. It can be a bit confusing for new users–particularly ones who are not particularly technologically inclined–so, I figured I’d compile my experiences using U.S.-based T-Mobile plans abroad. Continue reading

Trump’s war on antecedents

Conservatives have spent the last day or so insisting that Trump would never dehumanize undocumented immigrants and that he was clearly referring to gang members. Liberals have spent the past day or so pushing back on Trump’s xenophobia and humanizing the immigrant experience. In a world where the number of hate crimes is increasing, ICE is out of control, and racists feel unhinged, this is necessary. But in terms of what Trump actually said? It’s complicated. And that’s a part of the problem. Continue reading

How to survive using 2G internet speeds

When I lived in South Korea, I had two phones and a wifi hotspot: an unlocked iPhone 4S with a Korean SIM card and an iPhone 7 Plus with my U.S. SIM card. Without going into too many superfluous details, my T-Mobile plan in the United States allowed me to use unlimited internet abroad at no extra cost. But, the free data was at 2G speeds. To put that into simple terms, it’s damn slow.

Here is a collection of advice I compiled after using 2G internet for nearly two years. It’s not a desirable situation to be sure, but it is one that can be made to work. Continue reading

Jjirit jjirit jjirit jjirit

Emphasis mine:

The Fake News is working overtime. Just reported that, despite the tremendous success we are having with the economy & all things else, 91% of the Network News about me is negative (Fake). Why do we work so hard in working with the media when it is corrupt? Take away credentials?

The stat is totally bogus (see link above), but the point is clear: Trump has finally admitted that “fake news” is just news that doesn’t praise him. Continue reading