That time Trump called Mac Miller an ungrateful dog

For those who do not know, Mac Miller was a white hip-hop artist from Pittsburgh who recently died of a drug overdose at age 26. I cannot say that I was the biggest fan in the world, although I did appreciate his song “Of the Soul.” No one should die of a drug overdose. Regardless — I am not seeing the press coverage the following story deserves: let us all remember the time when Donald Trump and Mac Miller had a feud, and Mac Miller won. Continue reading

Nerd is cool

With all of the talk about “incels” (people who self-identify as being involuntarily celibate), I’ve been fascinated by a sub-group of “gamer incels.” They are not all necessarily gamers, but they have the mentality that it is their devotion to nerd culture has made them undateable. However, a modicum of modern cultural history casts this claim into doubt. Continue reading

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ is exactly what it should be

I’ve seen all ten of the Star Wars films. I played the Pit Droids and Bounter Hunter games. I’ve been meaning to watch the Clone Wars and Rebels TV series, although I did watch Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars in 2003. I actively browse /r/PrequelMemes on Reddit. Although I haven’t learned any of the Star Wars languages or read any of the novels, I’m a fan of the series.

I was a little disappointed to see some of the initial criticism that Solo: A Star Wars Story received. I’ll admit that even I was skeptical when I heard that another Star Wars film would be debuting so soon after Episode VIII: The Last Jedi in December. However, I was pleasantly surprised after seeing it a couple of days ago. (Spoilers below.) Continue reading